1 MA2 design methodology
The projects developed by MA2 are oriented towards the following concepts:
– creativity in the conception
– installations functionality
– integration between the systems
– high quality materials
– compatibility between the specialties

The MA2 methodology for developing projects is extracted from the NBR 15.531 standards and structured in three phases: Preliminary Studies, Basic Design and Detailed Design.
This work method together with the concepts above keeps high quality and adds value to the solutions.
Each one of them must be individually approved by the client, to ensure the correct development of the next stage in order to guarantee the quality of work.
This methodology is adopted by MA2 in all projects as a way to standardize the work process. The specific composition of each stage is adjusted in each case, at the beginning of services, according to the client´s needs.

2 Preliminary study
This stage stands for the basic concepts and the graphic representation of preliminary technical informations necessary to the complete understanding of the installation´s physical arrangements, as well as systems and their subsystems. This stage consists on the following services:
– preliminary analysis
– requirements report
– conceptual definitions
– site inspection (when applicable)
– consulting departments of drinking water (or power) supply (when applicable)

This stage consists on the following documents:
– preliminary study´s list of documents
– preliminary study summary report
– supplementary contents (when applicable)

3 Basic design
This stage stands for the final definitions of requirements, dimensions and the graphic representetion of the installations. Details, however, are temporary, in order to allow professionals from different specialties to interact .This stage consists on the following services:
– solution studies
– technical meetings
– temporary definition of dimensions
– basic design graphic representation

This stage consists on the following documents, according to each project´s specific needs:
– basic design´s listo of documents
– calculations report
– equipment specifications
– materials specifications
– technical reports
– single-line diagrams
– block diagrams
– flowcharts
– vertical piping, cabling and layouts
– physical arrangements of tecnical rooms (architecture and layout)
– physical arrangements of shafts, gauges and cabinets
– distribution of consumption plans
– schematic cross sections in order to define elevation of technical elements
– define the main procedures to sove interference problems

4 Detailed design
This stage stands for the final and complete graphic representation of technical facilities and installations as well as technical reports. This set of drawings, reports and documents must contain the amount of details necessary for the execution of the referring facilities and installation as well as hiring the necessary services. This stage consists on the following services:
– technical meetings
– final details and definitions of the set of drawings and reports from the basic design
– final solutions made compatible through technical meetings, deliberations and debates between professionals of different specialties.

In this stage we conclude the complete set of drawings and reports prepared for the basic design stage, as well as complete it with the following type of documents:
– distribution plans
– assembly details
– list of materials (when applicable)